e·van·gel·i·cal (¶v²n-jµl¹-kl, µvn-) also e·van·gel·ic (-jµl¹k) --adj. Abbr. evan., evang.

1. Of, relating to, or in accordance with the Christian gospel, especially one of the four gospel books of the New Testament.

2. Evangelical. Of, relating to, or being a Protestant church that founds its teaching on the gospel.

3. Evangelical. Of, relating to, or being a Christian church believing in the sole authority and inerrancy of the Bible,

in salvation only through regeneration, and in a spiritually transformed personal life.

4. Evangelical.a. Of or relating to the Lutheran churches in Germany and Switzerland.

b. Of or relating to all Protestant churches in Germany.

5. Of or relating to the group in the Church of England that stresses personal conversion and salvation by faith.

6. Characterized by ardent or crusading enthusiasm; zealous: an evangelical liberal.

--n. Evangelical. A member of an evangelical church or party. --evan·geli·cal·ly adv.